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I'm going to be an aunt soon and when I think of telling my nephew stories I often think of telling him my own version of Greek and Latin Mythology. I would hope my own versions would be as entertaining as this. The idea of the gods being virtually unchanged over the past three thousand years makes me giddy with glee. When I was young I read Edith Hamilton's Mythology with as much gusto and glee as I read the newest Piers Anthony. To me Mythology was a wondrous because not only was it so similar to the fantasy that I read and as easy to get into and imagine yourself the hero, but for all intents and purposes people actually BELIEVED in these stories. I was astounded. I will end any religious debate here because I was 12 at the time and what I believed then was not up for self-scrutiny. The important thing is that Rick Riordan has brought back that magic for me with this Percy Jackson story and I am eager to devour the next one.

On a brief side not I am a little surprised to find that I no longer consider 3000 years to be a long time. I know that when I was actually in Greece and Rome I was in awe of so much history. But I guess a year in the Geology Library and a Bachelors in Anthropology have made me less tied to conventional notions of time, at least in theory.

For more of a review on this book you can check out my blogspot blog.

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