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Meg Cabot is not Fat

Cabot, Meg, and Justine Eyre. Size 12 Is Not Fat. A Heather Wells mystery. Westminster, Md: Books on Tape, 2007.

Ugh. Ick. Ugh. Earlier tonight I went on a rant about this audiobook that made my boyfriend burst out laughing. Evidently I got so wrapped up in the rant that I was spewing nonsensical tidbits like 'stupid female-socialized main characters" and "who dies in an elevator shaft and no one investigates?" The first cringing moment came for me with the binary gendering proclamation "Girls don't elevator surf!" Equally stultifying is the supposition that elevator surfing is such a popular past time that no one questions it as the method of death except our brilliant lead character. I have no problem with characters acting mostly on gut instinct then brain power in an amateur detective story. However, I do have a serious problem with Heather's lack of faith in her own abilities. I also have a very serious problem with the way weight is addressed in the narrative. For all of Heather's posturing about Size 12 being the average size for women in America she also has very unhealthy attitudes about food and exercise that make her seem like the quintessential stereotype of a fat chick: lazy and piggish. Not only has Meg Cabot never been overweight in her life, I'm not even sure she's met someone who is a size 12. If she had then maybe she would protray Heather as a normal person and stop building up all the thin women in the story as also being the beautiful, smart, and desirable ones.
Anyway I've seen Lay's regular potato chips that are thicker than this plot. I've met puddles deeper than the characters. I've seen chips in puddles that were more entertaining overall. And I've seen one man avant garde theater better performed than the voice acting by Justine Eyre. I truly think had I been reading the book instead of listening to the audio I would not have hated it nearly so much. I would have been able to skip a vast majority and gotten straight to the one interesting facet: the whodunit and why.
I know Meg is a local girl. And I know that I should not judge the anyone's reading tastes. But I have to agree with Nancy Pearl here: life is too short to read (or listen to) bad books.

Anyway, my more professional style review is here. And I read a whole slew of books I actually enjoy and will be sharing them soon.

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